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Wisconsin International Student Program

The Northland Pines School District has been added to the City of Eagle River to provide housing for up to 12 international students. The City gained about 80 acres of land from Lincoln County in this process. This was done to place the entire school in the city, and allow the new living quarters to be on city lines, like the rest of the school. The living quarters will be near the community garden, and will cost one million dollars to build. The cost per student for living and tuition is $45,000. After three years of being in the program, the international graduates will have a Northland Pines High School diploma, a two year Associate Degree from Nicolet Technical College, and up to 64 college credits to be automatically transferred to any UW- school.

We interviewed Dr. Richie to hear more about why the school district looked into this program. He explained that the district was brought into the WISP program about four years ago, but “It was a fluke.” He received an email about allowing Chinese students to attend a school district and allowed them to attend ours for one month. This only lasted one year, the students instead coming during the summer and staying at Trees for Tomorrow. After a few years of preparation, the WISP program has the paperwork filed to allow 10-12 foreign students to attend our school district and Nicolet Technical College.

Requirements for the international students to be in the program include, a GPA of at least 2.5, passing of an entrance test, english proficiency, a four week english language camp before the start of school, a letter of recommendation from their english teacher, and guaranteed financial support.

The international students will begin attending our school district for the school year of 2017-2018. While the living quarters are in the process of being built, the students will still be staying at Trees for Tomorrow.

Northland Pines students will benefit from this program, because there will be cultural diversity and they will be able to participate in dual enrollment classes. Benefits for international students include, coming to a country where they have more freedom, an education system that doesn’t just focus on the core subjects, and having an American diploma, an Associate Degree, and acceptance into any UW school.


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