• Tuesday , 16 July 2019
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Winter Photo Exhibition

Photo by: Tilley Wells

This year Mr. Grittner decided to do a photo exhibition for his two intro to photography classes and advanced photography students. The exhibition was held last Wednesday in the LGI, it consisted of various photographs taken by students. Student were to take creative pictures of their environment outside of school.

Mr. Grittner explained how the turnout was for the exhibition, “The show itself did alright, it was pretty consistent with all the other art shows we’ve had, where we get parents to come.” Mr. Grittner continued to talked about how he would like more community members to attend the event


Photo by: Davy Mendham

in the future. “We don’t get a lot of community members to come in, but we do get a lot of parents. I mean not as high as I would like, but it was fairly short notice for the parents and the community. So in the future we need to work on getting better advertisement for the exhibitions.” The community’s participation

Photo by: Tilley Wells

in the event will continue to improve in but the student’s participation in taking creative photos is almost overwhelming.

The winter exhibition was one of few, normally Mr. Grittner puts on one exhibition in the Spring to show off student’s work. “The reason why we had it (the exhibition) when we did was because we had multiple sections of photography this year, and since we have more photography in the spring and normally we show everything in the spring, I thought it would be nice just to have this show because we have a lot of work and a lot of students.”

The photography classes at Northland Pines have grown tremendously the past few years and the students would appreciate your support at the Spring exhibition.



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