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Students Show Respect For Parkland; Participate in National Walkout

It has been one month since the Major Stoneman Douglas High School school shooting. Nickolas Cruz killed fourteen students and three staff members with an AR-15 rifle. Since the tragedy, Parkland, Florida allies and also survivors put efforts into making Wednesday, March 14, 2018 a global school walkout, for this day will be the one month anniversary. Starting at 10:00 A.M. and lasting seventeen minutes for the seventeen lives that were lost.

On Wednesday, March 14, 2018, students from Northland Pines Middle and High School participated in the global school walkout. When students were outside, an estimated 50 students sat in a circle holding hands. Our peer, Danielle Halverson a sophomore; had a packet of Bible verses talking about how love will overcome violence. Although it was silent, it was the most powerful message to be heard.

This walkout was organized from the youth branch of the Women’s March, EMPOWER. Their message is to get everyone to participate in the walkout. Their organization already has 2,500 walkouts planned. The #ENOUGH statement shown all over social media, and on posters; visualize how action needs to happen and how people in America are sick of feeling unsafe in their country.  

The Parkland Shooting engaged students from all over the world to participate in walkouts. Other countries, such as Israel, also participated in the walkouts to support Parkland, Florida. Students from other countries are grateful that they do not have the ability to access a gun as easily as you do in America.  

Walton High School in Atlanta, Georgia is not in favor of letting its students participate in the walkouts supporting the Parkland shooting. A message from the school saying “Students who choose to disrupt the normal operation of a school may be subject to consequences.” Even though students were warned that they might be punished for the walkout, they still supported Parkland.

This tragedy has brought our country together, but drove us apart in the end. We as students are only trying to make a difference for our generation. Walking out to support the seventeen lives in the Parkland shooting, really showed that us as a country supports Parkland and everything that they have been through.  Prayers cannot be the only way to help this situation, action is necessary to protect the lives of students and staff members all over the globe.

*Co-Author – Josie Falcetta

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