• Tuesday , 20 August 2019
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Students raise concerns about heating concerns

Over the past three months, comments and concerns have been raised from the Northland Pines Student body concerning the heating in the school. The rooms are either too cold or to warm on any given day.


After being polled, students all arrived at the same consensus: The first thing that they notice when they walk into a class is how either excessively hot or excessively cold the room is. In addition, students polled said they felt the temperature between rooms is very inconsistent.  Max Tomasoski said that “the consistency is really wonky. It’s either really hot or really cold. We need more consistency”.


Another issue raised by the students was the fact that the cold temperatures in the school make it a difficult environment to study in. Students stated that “when the temperature of the school is “cold”, it forces us to either wear coats to class or concentrate on the loss of heat and not on the task at hand”.


When asked about these concerns  Mr. Dave Bohnen, the Northland Pines Building and Grounds Director said that he was not aware of any major inconsistencies in the temperatures in the school.” Per school regulations, the rooms are kept between 68 and 72 degrees depending on what the teacher has requested.


Mr. Bohnen also stated that he controls the temperatures via a computer program that regulates both heating and cooling. The only thing that he can attribute the colder temperatures is that it started to get much colder outside and the heat wheels, the machines that heat the cold air and warm air to create warm air have had to work overtime.


Even though students, may have concerns regarding the heating in the school, students must remember that, like their homes, the schools heating system works over time in the winter.


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