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Respect Week 2018

Unified Champion Schools is about including and spending time with those with disabilities. We focus on respect and acceptance for everyone in order to promote unity throughout the school. This past week we were celebrating and promoting unity. On Wednesday, March 7th, many students around the country celebrated National Spread the Word to End the Word day. Not only was it celebrated but many also pledged to never use the r-word. If you would like to pledge, go to r-word.org.

Each day the student body was presented with a fact or statistic about bullying or a certain disability. Here are some facts to get you thinking.

  • Autism now affects 1 in 68 children
  • Autism is one of the fastest-growing developmental disorders in the U.S.
  • Half of the special needs students have been bullied at school, of that 50%, 94% say it has happened on multiple occasions
  • Down Syndrome is the most common chromosomal condition
  • In 1983, the average life expectancy of a person with Down Syndrome was 25 years old, today it is 60
  • There are nearly five million Special Olympics athletes in the world
  • There are nearly one million volunteers and coaches

Northland Pines has had this program for over five years. Our student body has been very inclusive in many ways. We have had years where some of the students with disabilities were on prom court and homecoming court. Some of the other events and activities our students and staff have set up or participated in are, polar plunge, snowshoeing, bowling, cookie decorating, learn to skate, basketball skills, and track. Continue to show respect and help make everyone feel included and we can make the world a better place.

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