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Pines Face Off Against Mosinee for the Final Time: Playoff Preview

It’s that time of year, when high school hockey teams all over the state battle it out for a chance to play at the Alliant Energy Center coliseum in Madison. For Pines, it has been a while since they last appeared over a decade now, but they plan on changing that this year. The Pines hockey team’s first step to accomplishing this starts Thursday night in the Dome as they face the Mosinee Indians for the third time this season.

Northland Pines first game against Mosinee was a long and close game. Even though Pines won in overtime, it did not come easy. The first period started with a half hour delay due to broken glass but ended with a 0-0 score. The Eagles and the Indians exchanged many shots, but neither team held their own zone well.

The second period was similar to the first but both teams managed to find the back of the net leaving the second with a score 1-1. The whole game was a hard fought battle between the teams. In the third period, Pines began to take charge.

Majority of the third was in Mosinee’s defensive end, but the Eagles still couldn’t get the puck past Mosinee goalie, Zach Bednar. The shots were a staggering twenty to four, but the score remained 1-1 sending the game into overtime. The game then went into overtime. Harmon Marien shot the puck, which reflected off a Mosinee players skate and went into the net, winning the game. The Northland Pines Eagles won the game 2-1.

The first game wasn’t the only time the Eagles managed to pull off a win against Mosinee. At home in the dome on Friday January 27, 2017, the Eagles took on the Indians in another conference game and the first game of the Pines Classic. The Eagles started off poorly. They missed shooting opportunities throughout the entire first period, resulting in a scoreless game for them. They were down 0-1 after the first period in their home tournament.

In between periods the Eagles knew they had to change their game because they were playing terrible. Head Coach David Cox was upset due to the amount of effort the skaters was giving.

After the long talk in between periods, the Eagles took over the game and came back on the ice strong. Out shooting the Indians in the second nineteen to three, Eagles scored two goals and took the lead 2-1.

Going into the third was a battle for being able to compete in the championship game, but the Eagles had their minds set to win the trophy. They started to work and play as a team. Only out shooting the Indians nine to six, Northland Pines took the victory 5-2 and advanced to the championship game, eventually winning their home tournament against Hayward. The Indians and the Eagles will fight against each other once more on Thursday, February 16 for the Eagles first round of playoffs.


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