• Tuesday , 16 July 2019
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Mr. Schueller, Making Learning Enjoyable

The staff member of the quarter was awarded to Mr. Schueller, a high school history teacher at Northland Pines. This award was created by the student body, with the winner chosen by the students who voted for their favorite teacher of that semester. If a student wanted to nominate a teacher, he or she had to give a brief explanation of why that teacher deserved the award.

The students chose Mr. Schueller because not only does he teach his classes well, but he does so in an interactive way that holds student’s attention. He is always willing to help students outside of class, schedule study sessions, etc.

He isn’t just willing to help with class topics, but he also spends time with students being a coach for girls basketball and girls softball. Mr. Schueller always brings a positive attitude to his classes. He is motivated by his students and knows exactly what to do to make his classes interesting and fun. He makes learning fun!

Mr. Schueller greatly appreciated that he was recognized by the students here at Northland Pines. He enjoys the little moments of teaching. When asked what his favorite moment was, he did not have a favorite moment. “It’s not a lot of one moments, but a conglomeration of positive moments over time. It has been a great run so far.”

Mr. Schueller was thrilled when he received this award. It was very rewarding to see that his hard work was paying off. He says that he is excited to face new challenges and continue to become a better teacher, coach, and community member.

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