• Tuesday , 16 July 2019
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Girls’ Hockey Opens Postseason Tonight Against Lakeland: Puck Drops at 5:00

The Northland Pines Girls’ Hockey season is starting to come to a close with playoffs starting this week. Pines has an overall record of 13-9-0 and a conference record of 7-1-0, Lakeland has an overall record of 14-9-1 and conference record of 5-3-0.


The first game against Lakeland was very rough and fast paced game. Pines came out with the win 3-2, but had to work harder than ever to take the lead. The first period was a tough battle for both teams, both had shots on net but no goals scored. The second period was also very even playing but Pines took the lead 1-0.


The third period was stressful for both teams with Lakeland bringing the score to 1-1 only 55 seconds into the period. About halfway through the third period, Pines had brought the score up to 3-1. Both teams were playing their hardest trying to win the game and with just under a minute left, Lakeland brought the score to 3-2 and Pines took the win.


The second game against the Lakeland Thunderbirds was a closer game than the first. By the end of the first period, Pines only had a lead of 1-0 against Thunderbirds. In the second period it was a very tough battle for the two teams, and neither putting a point of the board. In the third period, Lakeland tied the score up 1-1, putting pressure under the Eagles to score another goal to win the game. With only two minutes left in the game, the Eagles scored and pulled again and won the game 2-1.


Pines will kick off their playoffs tonight in the Dome (5:00) facing the Lakeland Thunderbirds for the fourth time this year.

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