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Focusing on the Importance of Offseason Training

As winter sports come to a close, offseason is approaching soon. Some athletes don’t do anything to improve their skills in the offseason but training in the offseason could make a huge difference in your play. Although it can be beneficial, there is a difference between working hard all year and overworking yourself. Overworking yourself with the same sport, same routine everyday can cause you to lose interest altogether. Switching up workout routines will help aid in not getting bored or disinterested in your sport.

Offseason workouts help prepare you to have an upper hand in their upcoming season as they will be stronger and more prepared than all the others who haven’t put work in. Workouts should have a high level of intensity so that your overall fitness level stays healthy. This will allow for better athletic condition all around and the capability to compete at a higher level for longer. You will be conditioned enough to make it through the whole game or competition at the highest level of play possible. Northland Pines Track and Field coach and gym teacher, Coach Rhode, when asked about offseason training said, “Offseason training will help build your strength, your endurance and just your fitness level so that when you get into your regular season, your season of choice, you’re stronger, faster and you’ll also reduce injury.”

Each sport has different effects to different parts of the body with some sports being more physically demanding than others. During your offseason, you should try to rest those areas of your body that have been overused over the duration of your last season. You should work on strengthening the muscles that haven’t been worked as much to create a balance throughout your body. Your body will be more well rounded if you work everything to around the same level of fitness. Personal trainer, Robert Puffer, commented on offseason training saying, “It helps prevent injury in-season as well as increase your performance.”

As your offseason comes to an end you should shift back into doing exercises specifically for your sport and getting your body used to using those muscles again. This will get you prepared so you aren’t going into your season with your body not ready to use those muscles intensely so abruptly. Our program at Northland Pines High School is called TrainHeroic. Northland Pines Activities Director, Mr. Margelofsky, had nothing but good things to say about the program. Mr. Margelofsky stated about the program, “The TrainHeroic program allows us to have students get the data sent to either a smartphone or tablet….not only keep track of their lifts but it can produce a lifting program that fits their needs based on what sports their in, what offseason requirements their coach is going to offer.”

Mr. Margelofsky also touched on the importance of offseason training saying, “The more you can stay active or be lifting or doing plyometrics in the offseason, the less amount of time once your season starts, you won’t have to spend valuable time getting back into shape or getting conditioned.” The TrainHeroic program runs throughout the summer but currently doesn’t have a set time. There will be one morning and one afternoon session for male and female athletes. Along with the program, coaches from various sports will run drills for agility, speed and explosiveness that is crucial for sports.

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