• Tuesday , 16 July 2019
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Boys Soccer Defeated by Kingsford Flivvers

The Northland Pines Boys Soccer Team took on the Kingsford Flivvers on Tuesday, September 26, at Kingsford.

Kingsford started the game with an early goal four minutes and fifty four seconds in. The Eagles’ goalie, Burke Anderson, came out to challenge the ball and when he dove for it, Kingsford slipped it underneath him. Not long after, Dawson Hogenmiller rifled one past the goalie off of a rebound from Lochlan Siegmeier. During the first half, Pines struggled to get the ball on their own player’s feet. The Flivvers put another ball in the net shortly before the end of the half. The halftime score was 1-2, with Pines trailing.

The second half was more of a struggle for Pines. Closely following the start of the second half, Kingsford slid another goal past Anderson. Being down in the second half, Pines boys were forced to switch their strategy of play to more offensively, in hopes to get another goal, leaving more gaps in the defensive play. This lead them to become hungry for goals and play less defensively causing another Kingsford goal. Northland Pines fell to the Kingsford Flivvers, but are practicing hard for their rematch on Saturday, September 30.

*Article by Piper Snedden

*Image Courtesy of Adam Miemi of Iron Mountain Daily News

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