• Tuesday , 16 July 2019
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Beauty and the Beast Review

The Northland Pines Drama Department worked extremely hard on this year’s Winter Musical, Beauty and the Beast. There were three showings of the musical, one of them being completely sold out. The community has done a fantastic job in supporting the students this year, as well as past years.

The cast and crew have been working diligently since practice began in December following their auditions in November. Audrey Lindemann and Trevor Shelk were the leads as Belle and the Beast. Clayton Lindbom, as Gaston and his side-kick Tyler Young as LeFou kept the audience laughing the entire time. The household items; Faith Webb as Mrs. Potts (Teapot), Laine Vandenboom as Chip (Teacup), Sheamus Roelle as Cogsworth (Clock), Malcolm McCanles as Lumiere (Candlestick),Hadley Burns as Fifi (Feather Duster), and Haley Wagner as Madame de La Grande Bouche (Wardrobe). Throughout the play, other students played the roles of other household items. During the song “Be Our Guest”, the supporting cast showcased their talents, singing and dancing.

This years production of Beauty and the Beast, kept the audience on their toes and entertained for it’s entirety. The community should continue to support the Pines Drama Department by continuing to attend the musicals each year.

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