• Tuesday , 16 July 2019
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Basketball Doubleheader vs. Medford Recap

On Friday, January 12th, the Northland Pines Boys and Girls Basketball teams hosted the Medford Raiders. The Boys had the early slot, a reschedule from the day before as the schools were closed for weather.

The Eagles played a tough game against Medford, holding them to 45 points in the first half. The strong defense helped, but the offense was only able to put up 27 points of their own. The game would completely change after halftime.

Right in the beginning of the second half, the Raiders started jumping ahead. Pines wasn’t able to get much of anything going against the Medford defense, while the Medford offense was able to capitalize on many of their opportunities.

Multiple timeouts were taken to try and get some momentum going for Pines, but scores at the times of timeout were 41-57 and then 50-75. The timeouts didn’t result in momentum, and the final score came to 60-93, Medford.

On to the girls game, where a lot of back-and-forth occured. Pines opened with a quick basket, and kept the game close through the half. The Lady Eagles were able to hold the lead going into the second half at 33-32.

After the half, the game started to become more physical. The teams started to play tougher defense against each other, and the scoring opportunities became tougher to capitalize on.

The girls held it close right up to the end, but a timeout called late took away a huge opportunity for Pines. The girls ultimately fell to the Raiders, with a final score of 63-69.

Both teams look to improve on their Conference play after this, and this could possibly be what lights the fire for them.

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