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2017-18 Update: 7-12 Transition

With the 7-12 transition taking place next school year, we decided to interview Principal, Scott Foster, on the status of the transition, and what needs to be done in summer. A lot has already been decided as to the arrangement of the middle school wing location, and Soar High School.

Along with moving the math department as well as the Soar High School, the seventh and eighth grade teachers will be moving into the current math department. Some teachers will be teaching middle and high school classes.

Middle school lockers will be on the far end, located nearest to the math department. Some sophomore lockers will be upstairs and some will be downstairs with the juniors and seniors. As for locker rooms, the high schools will remain in the Varsity Locker Rooms, and the middle schoolers will be sharing with visiting schools in the P.E. Locker Rooms.

Prior to the interview with Mr. Foster, middle school students were surveyed about concerns for their transition into the high school. Most concerns revolved around the size of the school, getting lost, and the lunchroom situation. The lunchroom will be separated with middle schoolers closest to the office and high schoolers closest to the gym. As for getting lost, seventh and eighth graders will be joining the freshmen for a joint first day before the upperclassmen come for their first day of the 2017-18 school year.

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